Radio, the modern way

Radio broadcasting began 111 years ago. A lot has changed since then. From AM to FM, DAB to Internet casting.

Ten years ago I would use a cheap Raspberry Pi with some quirky software to listen to Internet Radio. But these days, most people have an old smartphone laying around, more powerful and versatile than a RaspBerry Pi.

I'm using my 9 years old Android smartphone attached to a $25 marine amplifier to listen to radio. It's attached to the 25 years old speakers from my first stereo set. Speakers don't go obsolete like smartphones do. There is no need to buy one of those $200 'connected speakers'. Over the years, some of the famous Radio apps have become so bloated that they take long to load and are impossible to navigate on my old smartphone.

That's where comes in. Just radio. No bloat.

Radio channels are sourced from different sources for entertainment purposes.